Entrepreneurial Activities

Markus is a founder of ZapFraudFatSkunk, RavenWhite, and Extricatus.

ZapFraud offers identity protection for your email, and blocks fraud. Read about our approach.

FatSkunk disruptively addresses the mobile malware problem. It was acquired by Qualcomm in 2013. Read about our approach.

We develop anti-fraud technologies relating to authentication. See our demo for improved password reset or read more about our other products and intellectual property.

We do security consulting – and we have a lot of fun looking at new ways of doing consumer education.

Markus is also an expert witness in patent litigation trials. Markus has served as an expert witness in patent litigation cases covering Internet technology, network and computer security, cryptography, encryption and obfuscation.

Click for a copy of Markus’ vitae.

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