Testifying Expert Witness

Dr. Jakobsson has served as a testifying expert witness in a wide array of cases, covering patent litigation, patent re-examination, class suit certification and criminal cases. He has represented both plaintiffs and defendants in cases relating to various aspects of telecommunication, computer security, privacy and cryptography. He has served both as a consulting and testifying expert witness. He enjoys being deposed.

Dr. Jakobsson is helped by his ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible manner — a talent honed during his years in academia, and also reflected in his work on SecurityCartoon. He has a broad background covering cryptography, computer and network security, fraud detection and mobile security. Dr. Jakobsson has 100+ patents to his name, and 100+ peer-reviewed publications. He has published several books, and is commonly invited to give keynote lectures. He has given invited talks at the USPTO several years in a row.

For rates and a case history, please contact him for more information. Also see his vitae and security consulting. Markus is part of the Harbor Labs team, which offers expertise, support and testimony in software and networking related litigation.

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